High Noon – January 20, 2009

A time and a day that will forever live on the pages of American history. Never before in our nation’s history has a man of African-American heritage served as President of the United States. Never before in our nation’s history have so many individuals assembled in Washington, D.C. for an inauguration of a President. Never before in our nation’s history have we experienced economic upheaval of a global concern, escalating conflicts around the world, threats of terrorism and the seemingly overwhelming domestic concerns of employment, health care costs and strengthening of our financial institutions.

What are we to do for such a time as this? In I Timothy 2:2 followers of Christ Jesus are instructed to “pray for those in authority”. Prayer transcends all political parties or ideologies. Prayer is the key that unlocks the power of God as well as wisdom and discernment. I think we would all agree that all leaders need to lead with Godly wisdom and discernment. Join me in a commitment to pray for President Obama and his administration.

Beyond prayer for President Obama and his administration, it is now the time to unite on common ground for the benefit of our nation. The time for divisiveness is over. The time to work together has come. In recent days, then President-elect Obama has used the word “sacrifice” to reiterate the need to work together. I believe we all do need to sacrifice to get America back on its feet again. Join me in putting aside personal agendas and personal entitlements for the sake of our nation.